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The mission of the Association of Hispanic School Administrators of Dallas ISD is to cultivate a pipeline of effective Hispanic leadership that reflects Dallas ISD demographics and ensures educational equity for all students.

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For the past two decades, the Association of Hispanic School Administrators has worked diligently to promote the advancement of individuals who share its mission.  AHSA’s primary goal: to promote an equitable and high quality education for our students while advocating for the cultural wellbeing of our Hispanic learners.  The organization was founded in order to provide a voice for all administrators who support these core values.

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Fernando Rubio


How long have you worked in education? This is my 9th year in education.

How long have you worked in Dallas ISD? This is my 3rd year with Dallas ISD.

What position do you hold in Dallas ISD? I am a assistant principal at Cary Middle School.

What is your favorite aspect of the job? I enjoy working with students, teachers, and families. Collaboration between schools and families is the best way to ensure students' academic success. Developing teachers to see the unlimited potential of students is another favorite part of my job.

What does AHSA mean to you? AHSA means to me that a group of committed Hispanic leaders seek to positively change and influence the education outcomes of students.

Jaime Escalante

Education is the ticket to success

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